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Have Yourself A Very Bond Holiday

Everything we know about gift giving, we learned from a James Bond flick.
~Syl Tang

Background Music

Everyone should have un-embarassing background music. For you - the classics
Ray Charles’ Anthology
Ray Charles’ Standards

And something Nouveau Cool for your friends.
Jin’s Rest is History

Your, erm, Bond’s Car

A gift for your Bond self. The Aston Martin V8 Vantage will be starring in the 21st James Bond film due for release November 2005.
And hey, while you're waiting for your car to come in, join the Aston Martin Owners Club Website.


No, it doesn’t have a rappelling wire strong enough for you and a sidekick, nonetheless, if you outgrew the Omega Seamaster, you might wear the Timex 150th anniversary xFactor limited edition by designer Matthew Williamson ($150).

Speaking of sidekick, it’s the 21st Century version of those old ticker tape communication devices Bond used in his early flicks: The T Mobile Sidekick.


'Shaken not stirred' applies only to martinis. A martini set with its own widget- sized leather suitcase, a shelf for coasters to slide out of, a silver shaker, and snaps to hold in place the vermouth and vodka from Asprey, 800 883 2777.

The Skiing

Notice those flimsy excuses (“I’ve got to check the pipelines”, Elektra King) to go skiing?
Val D’Isere, Courchevel 1850, Chamonix, Zermatt and Verbier...Indigo Lodges has chalets.

You would have - natch - the best equipment, Bogner and the like, picked up at Gorsuch and a customised snowboard from Burton.

And an apple green, yellow and burgundy striped knit head band complete with ostentatious Princess Leia-like Cinnabon fur pom poms ($850). Dior by John Galliano, 212 931 2950.

Casino Expertise

You would know how to play Baccarat.
Baccarat for the Clueless
How to Play and Win at Casino Baccarat

The Look

If you managed to escape jail and climb out of the South China Seas, only the finest shave money can buy would do. ê shave for Sean John Silver hip set ($185) or ê shave for Sean John Smokin’ set ($170). Sean John store, 212 220 2633.

Bond Women

Our theory is that Bond Girls Smell Good. The Good ones smell like edible treats, maybe the Jaqua Girls Bakery goods.

And the Bad girls smell like a trip through Jaipur, something like Parvati from Lakshmi.

As Bond, you might or might not know better than to steal someone’s fortune telling mol.
But you would definitely buy great jewelry for her...

The Diamonds

Diamonds are indeed forever.

And For MoneyPenny?

It's almost 2005. Landsakes, she's been with you 43 years. So when you get back from skiing, you'd better bring something at least as good as the Maison du Chocolat truffle Christmas ball wooden tree ornament.

Or some caviar.

A Home Base of Operation

And if you, er, Bond stayed long enough in one place? Your home would have a multi-zone wireless Sonos Digital Music System for sure.

Probably a swanky Stork Club ashtray from past visits.

Bond wouldn’t have pets but since sometimes Greek women who help him find ATAC do, he might have a Bottega Veneta leather pet food bowl ($500), 877 362 1715 or the engraveable sterling silver Gucci bowl ($900), 800 234 8224.

Future Bond-lets

There are no children in Bond films. After all, they can’t ski, they can’t go to casinos and casting them as the bad guy is just sick.

But someday you might want Bond-esque children. So for an early start, we think they’d have a Christian Lacroix toy baby carriage ($70).
Printemps, 011 1 33 1 42 82 66 11. And wear Space Baby.

Final Thought

One could say that Bond suffers from a permanent insecurity but... why over analyse? Instead, gift and receive to the lifestyle born.

***Need to Buy a Clue About Bond?***

The Movies
The James Bond Collection, Vol. 1 (Special Edition)
The James Bond Collection, Vol. 2 (Special Edition)
The James Bond Collection, Vol. 3 (Special Edition)

The Music
Best of James Bond 30th Anniversary
Best of Bond...James Bond: 40th Anniversary Edition

above A Bond-worthy device, the T Mobile sidekick, adored by Snoop Dog, Beyonce, Brad Pitt, Demi Moore, and Lindsay Lohan (even though we think she's too young to remember Bond properly).

Don't like our Bond gift guide? Think it's not sinful enough?
For the holidays you could always trade us in for new friends at Catch 27

Tickets to the Safe Space Jr. Council Winter 2004 Benefit


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