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Hot On The Trails

A little digest of what’s hot now and what we’re talking about:

Last Thursday night's opening in NYC of Ono got 1400 RSVPs. Seems like scandal on TV only makes Jeffrey Chodorow look better? Or it could be that he’s still on fire from the success of crunchy raw food eatery Pure Food. Nonetheless Hotel Gansevoort remains the destination.

Speaking of hotels, Hotel on Rivington, after oh a zillion years of construction, is finally opening.

More on time to the party is Dream Hotel which we just added. And we can’t wait to see what David LaChapelle has done with Subconscious (the lounge.)

Amy Sacco has named her new restaurant. It will be called Bette.

Speaking of femme fatales coming to NY, rumour has it that fashion king Jeremy Scott’s foam Hello de Milo, a Hello Kitty head on a Venus de Milo that’s been touring Japan will complete Kitty madness when it comes to Manhattan.

On the way in, she will undoubtedly see artist Jenny Holzer’s work in Terminal 5 at JFK – apparently a better museum than the much-anticipated MOMA.

Jumping from NY to Miami, Tim Spuches who we loved from Veruka is re-doing the Marlin Hotel.

Over in Madrid, Penelope Cruz has opened boutique Amarcord – apparently life after Tom involves a lot of shopping – enough to fill a store.

We always think of cooking in Cali when it comes to Penelope and in SF, the best news is that Limon has just moved to a larger space with 70 seats.

Down in L.A., Prey remains popular despite it’s cheesiness. For appropriate clothing to go in, shop Alpha joins the fray with something for the guys.

The denim craze has actually slowed down though you wouldn't be able to tell if you only read Vogue since Notify, Fins Denim, and Habitual are still festooning their pages. Instead Project Alabama has heated up again as the label to have and Trovata, based in Newport Beach, which we wrote about earlier this Spring is now full force the rage.

Any party done by The Alliance is the place to show it off.

Up in Montreal, Wunderbar from the BPC folks is the newest opening.

Over in Paris, our own Kristina reports that the new Alaia hotel called 3 Rooms – because well, that’s what they have – is booked solid. Difficile? Je ne crois pas...We like to be able to identify our food so this whole “eating in the dark” thing is just silliness to us but Dans Le Noir on Quincampoix also remains booked.

In not quite French news, early peeks show that Karl Lagerfeld’s collection for H & M is better than Isaac at Target.

Better than the clothes at our favourite discounter, is their 04 play for rubber bracelet domination. Target can’t keep their little pink bracelets for cancer charity in stock at all, which follows suit since they look - suspiciously - exactly like pink versions of the Lance Armstrong band.

Movie-wise we’re into Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s puppet movie Team America: World Police – which mocks government with just the right tone. Also The Incredibles – the animated “superheros in suburbia” flick from the Finding Nemo folks – with its leading man stuck in Middle America due to the Super Hero Relocation Programme – a result of all the lawsuits he’s subjected to from folks whose lives he’s saved claiming “injuries”.

Our serious picks, first in time for Halloween, is Saw by James Wan starring Cary Elwes and Danny Glover. And just two days from now, the biopic Ray.

Lastly but not leastly, couple of weeks ago Blackberry finally launched an organiser phone that - gasp! - actually works and at just $199 and a familiar silver colour, it’s making a run at the Treo user even before the 650 comes out.

Call us on our device or better yet, this week Cain opens in NYC. Come find us there.

- Syl Tang -

above The newly opened Wunderbar in Montreal


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