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This Week's HipBites

Wright or Wrong

~HipGuide is going to St. John! We're on vaca next week! See our fun Summer Packing List on the right...~

BR: Before Russel. AR: After Russel.

Well before Martha, there was designer Russel Wright.
In the 1950s Russel and Mary Wright changed the way Americans entertain and live forever. In effect, you have him to thank for table hopping and air kissing.

Why do you need to know about him? Because you don't know anything about stylish living if you cannot speak smartly about the Wrights.
Russel and Mary introduced casual living and socialising, allowing guests to mingle. They invented:
Buffet dinners.
Simple one entree focused meals.
Everyday furniture.
Theme menus.

He is the grandfather of American lifestyle and what we call today American Modern. And were it not for him, we'd all still be sitting on plastic covered Louis 13 chairs.

Before the Wrights, dinners were lavish, uptight affairs with square tables and "company" tableware. Decor was stiff and European. We think the continuing popularity of Eames, Baker and Stickley wouldn't be possible without Russel Wright. Jonathan Adler' pottery and Moss furniture would look VERY different!

People who know about Wright (now you) are avid. Check out how feverishly they bid for his original chinaware at eBay! The first to use a certain blue glaze, his pitcher in that dusty baby blue is a collector's item .

Now a small revival is in the coming.

First their classic book, kind of like an entertaining for dummies, the Guide to Easier Living has been re-released.
If you can ignore the funny diagrams on how to improve your bed making (like a step chart for doing the box step), you'll notice how every last detail on living is covered.

We loved best the pioneering advice on what housework men were to do at home showing how this pioneering couple divided up the chores.

Daughter Ann Wright has also released his Menu Cookbook, conveniently broken up into menus such as "German Dinner for a Cold Night" and "Green and White Cocktail Party".

Russel's collectible, simple, elegant china has also just been reissued by Oneida, including the beautiful blue classic pitcher. Priced affordably to make the Wrights proud, we're expecting a "run" on the inventory.

And up in Garrison, New York, Russel's 75 acre home and gardens is a historic preservation.

From furniture to how rooms look to what guests do when visiting to what Americans eat, it ALL came from the Wrights.

Guide to Easier Living

Russel Wright's Menu Cookbook

Russel Wright Collector's Guide

above Russel Wright's revolutionary design, reissued by Oneida.

Fancy yourself hip enough for TV?
All the patrons of Rocco DiSpirito's "Rocco's," which opens on June 2 at 12 East 22nd Street in NYC, will be featured in the upcoming reality TV show "The Restaurant," airing on NBC on July 20.

We love the tiny T that says "hand over the tit and no one gets hurt."

Squibnocket Cards
Because they say they're equal parts harnessed pigheadness, educated insolence and thousand island dressing. They say in greeting what you won't.

~ St. John ... Capri ... Greek Isles ... Mustique ~

1. an orange chiffon Custo beach cover up
2. sun protectant for hair from Korres
3. squishy blue Coach beach towel & their water proof beach tote
4. Shiseido face sunblock, 35 a must!
5. writing notebook by Muji
6. red floral & plain terry cloth shorts from Juicy & Express
7. Great Lash waterproof mascara
8. Nars gloss in Baby Doll, Paper Mag gave it to us, we LOVE it
9. tiny Pentax camera, we stick with the classics
10. stripey Kangol mesh hat
11. Goffredo Fantini green flat sandals, just enough city style
12. Tibi skirt with all the Cali cities on it
13. Lulu Guinness blue and red travel tote
14. sandals from Cole Haan's G series, perf for hiking
15. diva sunglasses from Escada

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