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Romain Kapadia Wants You

The 2nd in another sporadic series:

On the verge of major distribution into stores across the country and nominated for the prestigious FGI Rising Star Award, Romain Kapadia is about to become the next Calvin Klein. But before he does, we asked him to dress one HipGuide winner...and hit him up with our
...15 Irreverent Question...

(1) Why do so many guys dress so badly?
RK: For a lot of guys, comfort and convenience are the most important factors when buying clothes. Also, most men are not as creative or willing to explore as women are.

(2) Did you play dress up with Barbie when you were younger?
RK: Only when trying to impress the cutie next door.

(3) Why is dressing well important?
RK: Dressing well is important but "well" can mean so many things. To me it's most important just to have your own unique style which you feel comfortable in and shows your personality and confidence. I would much rather see someone in a really stylish pair of jeans and tennis shoes than a cheesy suit.

(4) What do models talk about?
RK: Salad.

(5) Do fashion designers really make any money?
RK: Some do. This industry is very competitive and in the beginning its tough to stand out. I'm still working on this one.

(6) Why do celebrities thing they're entitled to free clothes?
RK: Because they can. Isn't the point of this interview to win a free outfit.

(7) If you could remake one star, who would it be?
RK: Steven Segal.

(8) Boxers or briefs
RK: Definitely boxer briefs.

(9) How are your clothes different than any other menswear designer?
RK: My clothes use a lot of graphic lines and construction details giving them a bold, aggressive modern look...Sure to get you noticed.

(10) Did you wear pegged pants in the 80s?
RK: The 80s are a blur.

(11) What should every man own?
RK: A Romain Kapadia leather jacket and some great accessories...watch, shoes.

(12) What other designers do you wear?
RK: My style is very clean, sporty and modern. My favourite labels are Neil Barret, Prada Sport, Puma Platinum. Also places like Zara (don't tell!) are great for basics

(13) Where do you go when you go out at night?
RK: I've been everywhere. All that really matters to me is that I'm around my friends. Places that are overly hyped up never end up being as good as you expect them to be. A few of my favourites though are still Industry and Pangaea on Sunday nights.

(14) What should one do with all the free T shirts from goody bags?
RK: Save them and use them as giveaways at your next party.

(15) Does your Mom think you're cool?
RK: But of course! (She has to! I'm an only child!)

We at HipGuide arranged for one lucky HipSet member to get dressed by Romain Kapadia.
One reader will walk away with a men's top and bottom from the Spring collection.
No purchase is necessary. Winner will be chosen at random from registered readers. If you received this email directly, you're automatically entered. If you had it forwarded to you, you can join by adding your info at www.hipguide.com/hipset/ You will need a valid ID to collect your togs. ABSOLUTELY no questions will be answered either via email or phone. Complete rules and regulations are available by writing to "Romain Rocks" c/o Factory Communications, 580 Broadway, Ste 606, NY NY 10012.
Keep in mind that you will also be signing up to receive our weekly tidbits when you register.

above a model shows off Romain's wearable designs

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