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Hey Mr DJ

So you bought Cafe del Mar and Buddha Bar. Great. But baaaaa. Isn't it about time you had smarter recommendations than just what "other customers at Amazon also bought"?
It's a new year; no more sheep behaviour!
Get a new sound!
Here's the 10 CDs we're spinning as we usher in January.

1. Orisha's A Lo Cubano.
Cuban rap. No, we're not kidding. It's incredible. It's the Gypsy Kings go urban tween. But very sophisticated. If electroclash is the fad that came out of dance, this is the classic that came out of Latin rhythms.
A Lo Cubano

2. Rough Guide to Latin America
Speaking of latin. People, people. The latin movement isn't about Jennifer Lopez. Bless her entrepreneurial little soul, but get a clue. Check out Celia Cruz, the Grandmother of salsa and a whole lot of other diverse sounds on this CD set including the classic "Guantanamera" by the Septeto Nacional.
Rough Guide to Latin America

3. Negrocan's Media Mundo
Latin rap and hip hop too hard to swallow? If you missed "Cada Vez" (we have it on vinyl it's so good) - the scratchy sounds of the trumpets and recorder flute (think Stevie Wonder's Sir Duke meets the Mambo Kings) on this jazz-influenced, dance-infused tune will change your mind forever about cumbia rhythms.
Medio Mundo

4. Blue 6's Beautiful Tomorrow
Downtempo, soulful house is the best way to describe the tracks on this project. From Jay Denes, the founder of Naked Music. For fans of the Nude Dimension CD series or anything by Miguel Migs or Lisa Shaw.
Beautiful Tomorrow

5. Vanessa Paradis' Vanessa Paradis Au Zenith or M & J
If you ever liked French pop (Jean Jacques Goldman, Etienne Daho, Gold), then the recent electroclash remake of Joe Le Taxi isn't new to you. But for all those in the dark, forget about the sampling, Vanessa Paradis' before-her-time French hip hop original of Joe Le Taxi remains the best.
Vanessa Paradis Au Zenith or M & J

6. Psyco On Da Bus
If you must listen to electroclash, our votes go to these two albums. Psycho On Da Bus' song Take A Rest will sound vaguely familiar. On the DJ lists of some smaller avant-garde venues is this album that blends gospel, soul and Afrobeats.
Psyco on Da Bus

7. Playgroup's DJ Kicks
On label Studio K7 is Playgroup's DJ Kicks album. Their remix of Depeche Mode's Behind the Wheel sounds almost identical to the original. Well, with the electro.
DJ Kicks

8. Saint Etienne's Smash the System: Singles and More
In that vein of near retro, better pick up Saint Etienne's Only Love Can Break Your Heart before it goes completely out of print. The catchy 1991 tune launched a whole movement called French Touch spawning bands such as Air and Cassius.
Smash the System: Singles and More

9. Lovebox by Groove Armada
While you're splurging on imports, pick up Groove Armada's new Lovebox. Still available only in Europe, Cato and Findlay are eager to shake their "chill music" reputation. With everything from ska to Neneh Cherry, you won't recognise what's been mailed to you. In a good way.
Lovebox - it's an import

10. The Roots' Phrenology
Lastly if none of the above appeals to you, pick up the wildly popular album Phrenology. Although characterised as Philadelphian rap, the band made mainstream by touring with Area One, mixes it up with Nelly Furtado, Alicia Keys, Jill Scott and Musiq.
Phrenology (the Limited Edition w/ bonus DVD)

above Next big thing Orisha's A Lo Cubano

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