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This Week's HipBites

Reck the Halls with Bows of Horey

Every magazine and their brother has a gift guide. Boh-ring!

If you need a paid-for email to tell you about the latest Casio camera, you're not the HipSetter we thought you were. The things on our Holiday Shopping list are hip (yeah what else is new) but most importantly since they were all chosen at pure editor's taste we wouldn't return them should you decide to send a courier over with the following items...

For The: Hipster Ma
Sick of hearing about Creme de la Mer? We're not seditionists but one size hasn't fit all since Anna Nicole was a skinny Guess model. The Darphin people tailour a skin care "couture wardrobe" that isn't about aging but pampering. Out of the staggering 95 items in the line. Darphin at Neiman Marcus

For The: Hipster Pa
The Burton Musical parka comes complete with a built in Mini Discman. Even if Dad only drives to the Home Depot in it, this will make up for the year you made him a gingham tie in Home Ec. Burton.com

For The: Friend with No Hip Sense of Humour
Everyone has one killjoy friend who makes mewling sounds at the table if you order veal. Pick them up a "Jewcy" t shirt. The company slogan is "for fashion- forward Jews and those who love them." Your friend won't know if you're over-p.c.'ing them or some stale hamentasch clocked them in the head. Jewcy.com

For The: Sibling Left in the Not Hip 80s
Update the person who never got over idolising Jay McInerney: Zino Platinum cigars. Gotta love the ludicrously aspirational concierge service that can have a person show up at your door with your cigars the very same day you order. 866 561 5525

For The: Fledgeling Hippette
You can get your baby sis the Kmart Blue Light Special on Martha Stewart stock...or snatch her up Martha's make your own Lip Balm kit. At least with the latter, it must still be worth at least $2 a pop after the holiday season. 800 950 7130

For The: Hip But Lush Party Pal
Buddy rivaling Elizabeth Taylor in a drinking contest? Since there are no gift certificates for Betty Ford, two things that at very least will keep him/her from being your "ugly" friend after the holiday rounds. The Talika eye patch (at Skinlogic.com) & Nickel's Lendemain de Fete (Day After the Party) cream (at Nickelformen.com)

For The: Hip Poochie
Dog goggles. To protect your beloved dog's eyes when the James Bond delusion hits and poochie is forced to ride in your ersatz midlife crisis Thunderbird convertible. Doggles.com

For The: Archrival in Hipness
Still trying to prove to one person you got picked first in Kickball? For that person who makes you fall off the Xanax wagon. The obscure bag of the moment is militaryesque, orange-lined Head Porter bags. 212 995 8108

For The: Long distance hip
Fondness we don't know about but distance does make the wallet grow smaller. For a mere 250 British pounds, you can get an overseas pal their personality mixed up into a custom cocktail named after him or herself. Email Salvatore at the Library Bar in the Lanesborough at info@lanesborough.com for the interview process. Or for more troglodyte chums, 250 pounds of gummy peaches from Dylan's Candy Bar will also do. 646 735 0078

For The: Penultimate hip to you
If you can, get us, we mean your S.O. the Dolce or Givenchy painted Vespa. Since there's only one each of those, you might have to settle for custom paint; Lauren Bush did hers in teal. Vespa.com

Tyson Beckford & Steve Stoute at the Zino Platinum cigar bar at the GQ Men of the Year after party

Want to see more of Tyson Beckford? Check out Tyson and HipGuide on Discovery's TLC on Dec 17th at 1:30 p.m. Eastern time

Worth traveling to NYC for is Rory Beelek's STAG Art at 71 Clinton St, making Clinton more than just a foodie corridor.

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