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We're Always On The List

282 goody bags.
67 restaurant openings.
316 private party invitations.
This year. So far.
Is this your life? Or just ours...

Do you know how often our ceo is asked: "How do I get on the A list"?

So she replies..The 1st in a Sporadic Series of HipGuide advice.
Spot The Next Hot Spot

Nightlife is like the Bible. Itís a story of "begats".

Models begat modelizers. Celebrities begat fans who want to see them. Gossip begats buzz.

It wasnít the dťcor that made Studio 54 so great- it was a ratty old theater!
It was the gossip about the drugs and nudity, the gossip about the s*x.
It was the celebrities. Now that you know that...

There are some key elements to every hot spot. Learn these and you will never be in the dark.

1. Almost all scene-creators are veterans.
After Ian Schrager did Studio 54, heís had a string of blow-them out the door hot spots. Ditto for Jeffrey Jah in New York. Pat Kuletto in San Francisco. Will Regan and Dave Rabin everywhere. Figure out the name behind the spot you like and what that person is doing next and now you know where the next spot is likely to be and can stop bugging me.

2. Modeling agencies know before the regular human being whatís new.
Why is this? Fashion is the most avant-garde of cultures. It is always looking for something new. And it is a traveling industry so it knows other cities. Get to know a booker. The booker is your friend.

3. The cuisine is not important.
True foodies go to pay attention to food. Not table-hop and air kiss. The socialising is what makes a hotspot hot. How can you socialise if you are busy devouring course after course? I know they claim Kate Moss eats like a pig but Iíve never seen the girl stuff in a Twinkie. I donít buy it. If you are wearing $8000 of Versace, you arenít going to be chancing spilling chocolate souffle on it. If the name of the chef is too big, it will not be hot cause the chef will eclipse the celebrity. What star wants that?

4. Location is important.
There is a chic neighbourhood in every city. Donít bother with the hotel concierge. Itís not whatever they tell you. Back to rule 2. Itís what the modeling agency tells you. (well, and what we say of course)

5. Forget about the restaurant listings.
Thatís whatís called an advertorial. Read only the local gossip section. Where was so-and-so seen? Thatís where to be.

Quick Checklist. Have your done these 10 Faux Pas at the Velvet Rope?

* Making a scene
* Being indignant or arrogant
* Claiming you just need to go inside to find your friend
* Bringing too many guys
* Wearing clothes that are too casual
* Trying twice to get in/over persistence
* Lying
* Going up to the door drunk
* Whining and begging
* Using a trite line

~ HipGuide

Says Noah Tepperberg, of Strategic Group who just did Shakira's World Tour Opening & the Vanilla Coke Launch, "don't tell me you have to come in quickly so you can meet someone from "Miami or L.A." City-dropping is the worst!"

NEXT TIME: Finding Out About the Good Parties

Did you get invited? Heidi Klum's invitation

HipGuide mourns the loss of Maxine Hakimi, our editor at STB Magazine, to cervical cancer. She was just 27 years old and will be missed every single day. She loved a good party so raise a glass of champagne to her and then...

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