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Is Boston Hip?

With Martha Stewart in distress and Thanksgiving in the U.S. looming, we went on the road to check out the provenances of classic Americana.

Here we weigh in on 72 hours in Beantown, home of the 1 a.m. last call and Matt Damon look-alike.

If It Ain't Got That Swing:
People are no longer afraid of traveling. We know, because it took us 8.25 hours for a 4 hour road trip! So bring a CD or two. We recommend the chic Hotel Costes 5. A little bit of Stephane mixing Joe Jackson and you'll forgive the "butt-er" jamming into your EZ Pass lane.

Lay Your Head:
If you're trying to avoid the temptation of dropping your pennies on yet another Baron Pichon then a happy alt to your fave XV Beacon, could be a nap at Tremont Street's madly affordable, chic Nine Zero Hotel. It's sleek like an Ian.

Like A Wet Rat:
It was a Whiskey kind of weekend. At the Whiskey Park in the Park Plaza they let us drown our sorrows in a glass of sumthing- sumthing despite the fact that we looked like drowned rats from the weather. Not to be confused with the Whiskey on Boylston. A dive bar home to the dirtiest- minded, blue collar boys in town. Is "blue collar" a passe term? Can we say electrician, baby. And ask us, where are all the tall men? They're in Boston. Montsanto must make bucks in this town cause down Boylston, BarCode's golf party might as well have been a Nautica posterboard.

We say save your clubbin dollars for the much anticipated Saint. Coming in November, they claim it will shave off the blues you have from the cheese at Caprice, Aria, or Pravda 116, which just turned 3 years old. We did hit Le Boom's 1 year anniversary. Fab Djs despite that this is where Britney Spears' clothing castoffs go to die.

Boston is a town where you pay for the scene darling. Scene free? Chili Duck it, Tony Sukthewa of Montien's new spot. Attitude free. Tasty. If you must have a din at dinner? Midwest Grill and Craigie Street Bistro's card swipes are working over time for the foodies. We were too early for 33's November Italian wine and food series but we think it will be a thing. And though it's now sans signature "liquado", the East Coast Grill's mix- your- own- Bloody Mary, so- fresh- they're- squealin' oysters and Cuban fare keep it our fave brunch while we wait for Isla to open in Miami. Guantanamera, lovie.

Wrap It Up:
Louis Boston maintains the most inspirational clothes in town for men & women of style. A whole room devoted to Marni but they still have Sept 10 style att- i- tude. Then we discovered Christina Williams' tiny shop on Newbury Street, Foil, chock full of goodies by Petro Zillia, like a chiffon sleeved blouse. Their back room is 50% off with navy skirts garnished with what looked like nose rings. So chic. And yet someone sniffing away down there could get stuck.

Can't Get A Car:
As for Martha? we didn't make it to Cape Cod, but we were so inspired by New England Americana do- it- yourself cottage industry thing-y, we made our own sugar scrubs this rainy weekend. If you're not as talented as us, and you can't colour between the lines, she can sell you a kit to make your own scrubs. 800 950 7130

You heard it here first...a new mega club is finally coming to NYC: Capitale...4 words...
Paul Oakenfold. New Year's.

Don't miss out on the ESQUIRE film fest in NYC.
Chic designers hosting free flicks.
October 22 John Bartlett - American Gigolo
October 29 John Varvatos - Pulp Fiction
RSVP to 212 649 4154

Get in touch with do- it- yourself Americana with Martha and us

Global Halloween parties

Congratulations to Margie Elstein, Maura Lynch, & Rowena Lui who won the POP tickets for NY, Miami & the Grand Finale!

It's Fight Breast Cancer Mo. Don't say cancer won't affect you. 1 out of 2 guys. 1 out of 3 gals. Check out Triple 5 Soul's plaster breast casts by artists. Truly cool. And odd. Online auction and bidding at www.modart.com

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