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Apres Le Deluge, What Handbag - Your To Do List For Autumn 02

We tell you where to go. And when trends are clear, all the rest of it including what bag to carry is easy, but what happens when creativity is back. And lines are blurred. Here's our
Definitive Guide to This Autumn:

In the immortal words of Mommie Dearest: No more logo bags! A custom or limited edition bag, preferably a clutch. Such as the limited edition alligator Coach ones carried by Jordana Brewster & Molly Sims. (pictured right)

The Chateau IFC's flick that gives new meaning to "ugly American tourist" with gorgeous Paul Rudd OR anything with Maggie or Jake Gyllenhaal. She's in Secretary, him The Good Girl Spell that name 3 times fast.

Monogrammed Margaritas with your name swirled into the Jose Cuervo OR the new fashion label liquors. Burberry Gin, any one? It's not Tanqueray but it's not bad...

David Bowie's Moonage Daydream: The Life and Times of Ziggy Stardust. It's been thirty years since the Ziggy LP release. *sheesh* we're old.

It began with Voyage and Tuleh and now custom shopping and clothing is the way to go. Visit Decolletage the appointment - only salon by Heather Rich & Leah Forester.

Older women. Younger men. Witness Bebe Neuwirth flick Tadpole and Kathleen Turner's nightly on stage seduction in The Graduate. Yes, Virginia, 19 does go into 60 many more times...

Pierre Bailly's Listen to this Picture is a photo music project compiling the favourite songs of chic It girls alongside their photographs. $50 at APC in NYC. (p.s. you won't get to find out ours, so scoop: our house fave is You Shook Me All Night Long.)

New state of the art materials by Nike's new line Presto or when you're more formal, lace or velvet stiletto boots. Best in the season are by the masters Messrs. Blahnik & Rossi.

It doesn't get any more exclusive than Bhutan, the little known Chinese country where only 3000 visitors are allowed each year. We recommend polo with their young king. You can play polo and speak Chinese simultaneously, can't you?

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One HipSet member will win the Coach beach tote & towel given away at their summer cocktails above. Winner to be announced...

Congratulations to Lori Heiss, the winner of the Intimo 3 boxer Giveaway!
Congratulations to Michele Griffin, Sam Chadha, Erin Wilson; winners of the Toby Young autographed book Giveaway!

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