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A Latin Night Out With Patrick

You've toured Nestle. You know where Ben and Jerry's comes from. You've done the pub crawl. That's nice. But around these parts, we're not amateurs. What would it be like to go out on the town with a man who knows all the hottest latin spots, he gives you the VIP treatment & he knows all about what it takes to make a killer Puerto Rican brew? You haven't "painted" the town until you've gone Latin with Cerveza Tesoro Founder Patrick Legin.

No! we don't mean anything weird! We're talking a bar tour with Patrick! Tesoro Beer is served in the most fun spots. Chicama, Calle Ocho, Ideya, Isla. Restaurants we adore. Like dating supermodel Gisele or being the strong forward who beats Michael Jordan's record, we know brewing your own beer is one of those pipe dreams you have. We can't grant your wish, but how about next best? Hear all about how Patrick got started with his successful label while tasting the real thing.

This is no ordinary tour or bar crawl. Only one randomly chosen HipSet member will follow Patrick around for one evening in NYC as he plays uber host. You will visit some of the places Tesoro Beer is served. Patrick will treat you to a beer in each spot. (yes, A beer. no, he's not carrying your sorry self home.)

Valid ID will be required. You must be 21 years of age or over You do not need to live in NYC to qualify but neither HipGuide nor Cerveza Tesoro will be providing transportation of any kind to NYC. For complete regulations, write to Tesoro USA, "HipGuide Tour", 319 Broadway, 2nd Floor, NY, NY 10007. Yes, you will be required to sign a release.

Congratulations! to Sarah McDaniel, the winner of "A Week of Custo".

Drawing for our other Giveaway: Maerceci tees, 4 tees, 1 for you, 3 for friends you have who already receive HipBites or whom you get to sign up will be announced the 2nd week of June, 2002. Newbies can join at www.hipguide.com/hipset/. Complete rules & regulations are available by writing to "HG goes Maerceci" c/o Factory Communications, 580 Broadway, Ste 606, NY NY 10012.

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