We are changing up our cities! Which ones matter the most to you?:
LA   (8.13%)
NY   (44.71%)
London   (10.56%)
Chicago   (5.69%)
Miami   (30.89%)

We are changing HipBites! What would you like to see us send you to do most?:
Clam digging   (23.07%)
Skeet shooting   (7.69%)
Flying in classic aircraft   (2.56%)
Hot air ballooning   (17.94%)
Off-roading   (48.71%)

From HipGuide, I would rather see more:
long travel articles   (20%)
post event party coverage   (13.33%)
a first person blog   (13.33%)
trend articles, not necessarily about nightlife   (33.33%)
beauty reviews   (20%)

What's the best new 2011 bar in NY?:
PhD   (38.88%)
Double Seven in the new location   (11.11%)
Catch   (27.77%)
Electric Room   (16.66%)
Le Baron pop-up   (5.55%)

Greece is in bad shape. What do you think is going to happen?:
The Euro is going to crash.   (34.04%)
Germany is going to kick them out of the EU.   (25.53%)
It's either them or Turkey so they'll probably get to stay.   (14.89%)
Who cares so long as I can go to the Greek Isles for a cheap holiday!   (21.27%)

What news have you paid the most attention to of late? (Be truthful! It's anonymous!):
Osama's death   (28.57%)
The economy, potential inflation and a rise in crippling debt   (42.85%)
The British Royal wedding   (28.57%)
The recovery of Air France's black box   (0%)
The tornadoes in the south of the U.S.   (0%)

How do you feel the death of Osama bin Laden will affect your travel?:
I feel safer now and can finally relax.   (8.33%)
I think where one dies, ten others will rise up so I am now more vigilant.   (25%)
I feel in more danger now so will travel but less often.   (0%)
I don't let things like this affect whether I take trips or not so no change.   (66.66%)

How do you feel about the new TSA pat-downs?:
It's the most action I'm going to get all year!   (15.78%)
I find it offensive but better than a questionable x-ray.   (5.26%)
It's a violation of my civil liberties and my libertarian civilities.   (15.78%)
I gave up on protesting travel indignities ages ago.   (31.57%)
Of course they want to cop a feel; I'm adorable.   (31.57%)

The way I feel about the impending wedding of William and Kate is:
I've booked my flights; England here I come!   (11.11%)
Didn't we get rid of the British in a war?   (11.11%)
Not terribly important but I'm into that blue Issa dress.   (44.44%)
Cameron asked them to plump up the economy after his China trip.   (16.66%)
Who are they?   (16.66%)

People went bananas for H & M for Lanvin; did you?:
Heck no, I stayed home and slept!   (50%)
Yes I broke down and spent my rent.   (0%)
I bought a little bit - we sure are making those Swedish rich.   (37.5%)
I don't wear high street; only the original Lanvin.   (0%)
What's a Lanvin?   (12.5%)

Apparently Dolce and Gabbana may go to jail for setting up a bank account in Luxembourg? How do you feel about that?:
Isn't this standard tax behaviour for Italy?   (45%)
I don't believe it! They're innocent.   (0%)
I wouldn't trust my money to the Italian government either!   (35%)
Italy should be paying them; they're national icons!   (0%)
Designers clearly need better business managers!   (20%)

The one thing I don't want to come back from the 90s is:
flannel   (25%)
coloured denim   (5.55%)
oversized motorcycle jackets   (11.11%)
lace up combat boots   (13.88%)
boy bands   (44.44%)

Most on my mind right now is:
the upcoming holidays   (25%)
the American mid-term elections   (0%)
the state of our education system   (0%)
the economy   (37.5%)
how to get into the Boom Boom Room   (37.5%)

In what social media would you like to see HipGuide?:
I follow you on Twitter!   (20.31%)
I'd 'fan' you on Facebook!   (46.87%)
I'd stalk you on FourSquare!   (4.68%)
HipBites emails are plenty of interaction for me!   (7.81%)
No media please, I'll only socialise with you over a bubbly!   (9.37%)

HipGuide Twitters. So we're not twits with our twattering, we want to know what you want (and sign up at www.twitter.com/hipguide). Majority rules; so vote! Should HipGuide:
announce new bars, clubs and restaurants   (14.58%)
what's hot? pure voyeurism into where we're going, what we're seeing. destinations/collections/things which are trending   (20.83%)
last minute parties you can actually go to   (16.66%)
fashion giveaways and freebies, drink coupons and discounts   (8.33%)
all of the above (if you don't want all but just one or two, pick the one above you most want)   (35.41%)

Boy the market's really going south; we'd like to understand how that affects your HipGuide experience?:
I knew this was coming and I'm feeling okay about it so money is still no object for me! Bring on the bottle service!   (16.89%)
I still have to eat, especially when I travel, but I'm splurging mostly when I can expense it.   (35.13%)
Well, I will probably search out bars in my local town but I'm not checking out your other cities or doing bottle service.   (30.40%)
There's a problem in the market?   (17.56%)

Some say Richistan is alive and well; how is the recession affecting your summer?:
I am not affected; what's the difference between paying $60k for jet fuel versus $40k.   (9.67%)
I'm still having a proper summer, proper holidays and all but it's all about the experience now. I haven't added any material goods to my life in awhile. No shopping for this turkey!   (51.61%)
I've become super cheap and am haunting the sample sales and other people's drink tabs!   (22.58%)
Yargh, there's a recession on? Why didn't anyone tell me?   (16.12%)

Sometime ago we wrote that Atlantic City was the next Vegas, now Beatrice Inn wants to open there; what do you think?:
AC will never be cool.   (59.39%)
Casinos have become so chic it could actually be.   (10.52%)
Can't Beatrice Inn find another location in NY, or even say Boston?   (9.77%)
They'd have to clean up the crime first or maybe the crime will go to them?   (4.51%)
It already is a hot destination before you told me, HipGuide!   (15.78%)

It can't be fun and games all the time; we'd like to know where you stand. I'm voting for:
Hillary Clinton   (32.43%)
John McCain   (16.21%)
Barack Obama   (40.54%)
Mike Huckabee   (0%)
I'm not American!   (10.81%)

What's most on your mind right now?:
Heath Ledger's tragic passing.   (3.03%)
The elections.   (27.27%)
The recession and sub-prime mortgage situation.   (66.66%)
The writer strike and award show cancellations.   (3.03%)

What do you think of the cancellations of the award shows as a result of the Writer's Guild strike?:
Who cares when it's Primaries Season. I'm only watching Voting coverage.   (28.57%)
It's only a terrible loss for the photographers who stand to lose money on picture sales.   (7.14%)
Award shows are so self-congratulatory anyways.   (35.71%)
I look forward to the red carpet every season; it's a loss of glamour.   (21.42%)
It will bite the writers back because they're making new enemies.   (7.14%)

What are your thoughts on the current state of the economy?:
I think we're headed for a recession. Lowered interest rates can only take us so far.   (65.28%)
We would never be in a recession during an election year.   (13.22%)
Totally won't affect me; I'm independently wealthy.   (4.13%)
I don't know but I'm giving up my private jets membership just in case!   (7.43%)
Huh? There's a problem in the economy?   (9.91%)

What are you reading now?:
Thomas Pynchon's Against the Day   (20.27%)
Zbigniew Brzezinski's Second Chance   (5.40%)
Thomas McNamee's Alice Waters and Chez Panisse   (9.45%)
Davar Ardalan's My Name Is Iran   (10.81%)
What? Read? I only read your website!   (54.05%)

Would you rather our HipBites emails be:
just new openings and listings   (30.15%)
a miniguide on one travel location and a few new openings   (19.04%)
a smattering of all topics, hip books, hip music, hip people, hip gifts and new openings   (22.22%)
hip last minute parties only   (9.52%)
huh? you send out an email?   (19.04%)

How do you feel about bottle service at night clubs?:
I like having a guaranteed table and I'm willing to pay for it.   (15.61%)
It's fine for guys but not for girls.   (6.69%)
I hate it and think it's a scam that's ruining nightlife.   (38.97%)
It was fine when it was a one bottle minimum but two or more is abusive.   (32.80%)
Is that where people bring me milk in old fashioned pint jars?   (5.90%)

We have TV on the brain; what's worth watching?:
Lost   (36.45%)
Conviction   (3.94%)
Top Chef   (13.79%)
My Name Is Earl   (24.63%)
None of the above, I'm a print junkie!   (21.18%)

Which Olympics events did you watch?:
Luge and-or Bobsled   (6.06%)
Snowboarding   (21.21%)
Figure skating   (36.36%)
Skiing   (15.15%)
None of the above, too much freakin snow!   (21.21%)

Which sports event are you most into this year?:
It's all about Michelle Kwan winning at the Olympics in Torino!   (18.98%)
I'm braving the cold of Detroit for the Superbowl!   (17.72%)
Soccer is where it's at and I'm going to bend it in Berlin!   (34.17%)
Sports, what are you nuts, the closest to sporty I get is the Ten Martini Marathon!   (29.11%)

What do you think of this whole Intelligent Design thing?:
Why are we still debating evolution and where's my vodka martini?   (59.44%)
I completely believe in this whole Spaghetti Monster thing.   (9.05%)
God made me and that's so hip, er, I mean my hip.   (11.41%)
Spaghetti, couldn't Bobby Henderson have at least made it Cookie Monster?   (1.57%)
I don't read the newspaper so I have no idea what you're talking about.   (18.50%)

This summer I will be going to:
Dubai and Oman   (8.74%)
South of France and Capri   (25.05%)
Croatia   (16.78%)
Brasil, Uruguay and Argentina   (16.54%)
Hamptons, Nantucket and Rhode Island   (32.86%)

This year it seemed like no one cared about the Oscars, didn't it?:
Who cares when the world is dealing with tsunamis?   (21.13%)
I never cared about the Oscars!   (41.23%)
I would have watched it but my plane back from Milan Fashion Week didn't have it live!   (14.94%)
I still care! I can tell you exactly who won what!   (22.68%)

To help with tsunami relief, I would rather:
go to an event raising money for a relief organisation where my drinking will be doing good.   (22.22%)
book a trip to SE Asia to encourage tourist dollars.   (22.22%)
send money directly to a relief organisation I've researched.   (46.91%)
lay low; I don't believe I can make a difference at this point.   (8.64%)

This year our gift guide is James Bond- themed. Who was the best Bond?:
Pierce Brosnan   (17.17%)
Timothy Dalton   (1.51%)
Roger Moore   (15.15%)
Sean Connery   (62.12%)
George Lazenby   (4.04%)

Previously war torn destinations are the next frontier in travel; would you go to some place such as Eritrea?:
What are you, nuts? I'm sticking to Monte Carlo.   (30%)
Absolutely! I want to be the first anywhere!   (25.45%)
You can learn a lot from a changing landscape and culture so probably.   (30.90%)
I'm not going anywhere I haven't heard of.   (13.63%)

Who won the second US Presidential debate?:
Senator John Kerry   (57.14%)
President Bush   (25.71%)
Neither   (2.85%)
Tie   (2.85%)
Who cares!   (11.42%)

Who won the U.S. Vice Presidential debate?:
Dick Cheney   (30.30%)
John Edwards   (48.48%)
Tie   (6.06%)
Neither   (3.03%)
Who cares!   (12.12%)

Hurricanes keep beating up one of our favourite states; how do you feel about Florida:
I never travel to Miami or anywhere else in Florida so who cares!   (24%)
I'll be going to Cap Ferrat or St Barths instead   (36%)
I live in Florida - it sucks to be us!   (12%)
Hurricanes don't affect my traveling plans, terrorism does!   (28%)

What do you think of the situation in Beslan, Russia?:
It's FSB and the Russian forces' fault for storming the building.   (15.38%)
It's all Putin's fault for not giving the Muslim-majority republic their independence.   (25.64%)
There was no other choice for the forces; it was inevitable that children would be the casualties.   (23.07%)
Putin had to take a stand and support the weekend's elections in Chechnya.   (5.12%)
What is this CNBC, I thought you guys were a site about bars?!   (30.76%)

What do you think of the Republican National Convention taking place in NYC?:
Forget politics, it's just asking for trouble. Poor Manhattan!   (40%)
No one with opposable digits should be Republican, go home!   (33.33%)
Yippee, for once I'm with my people.   (10%)
Hey, at least it's not in my city!   (10%)
Who cares, I don't live in the U.S.   (6.66%)

In the men's parallel bars, Nakano Daisuke from Japan did a twisting dismount never previously attemped in Olympic history - yet he didn't get the score he seemed to deserve. Was he bilked?:
no, you should never win a medal for a sport that requires men to wear tights   (27.77%)
there's an olympics going on???   (11.11%)
naka-what-a-whosie?   (22.22%)
"bilked"? do you mean "milked"?   (11.11%)
yes! payback for WW2. sneaky yoo-krayns.   (27.77%)

In the men's parallel bars, Nakano Daisuke from Japan did a twisting dismount never previously attemped in Olympic history - yet he didn't get the score he seemed to deserve. Was he bilked? :
no, you should never win a medal for a sport that requires men to wear tights   (0%)
there's an olympics going on???   (0%)
naka-what-a-whosie?   (0%)
"bilked"? do you mean "milked"?   (0%)
yes! payback for WW2. sneaky yoo-krayns.   (100%)

In the men's parallel bars, Nakano Daisuke from Japan did a twisting dismount never previously attemped in Olympic history - yet he didn't get the score he seemed to deserve. Was he bilked? :
Yes, the commentators were right. If you break new ground, you should be rewarded.   (50%)
Yes, but they gave it to the Ukrainians in honour of the teammate they lost.   (0%)
Yes, but the Olympics are very political.   (50%)
No, Valeri was better.   (0%)

I'm voting for Kerry-Edwards   (62.35%)
I'm voting for Bush-Cheney   (25.47%)
I couldn't care less about voting   (2.28%)
I can't vote! I'm not an American citizen!   (5.70%)
I don't live in the U.S.!   (4.18%)

What do you think of Michael Moore's new flick, Fahrenheit 911?:
The man is a genius, HE should run for President.   (34.21%)
Michael Moore might have some legitimate points but they're hidden by his self- promotion.   (29.82%)
The man WOULD be a genius but for his "creative" film splicing.   (16.66%)
I'm a Republican, and he should move to another country, any country.   (19.29%)

What do you think of Madonna's new tour?:
I loved her once but dang, is that woman EVER going to retire.   (30%)
I laughed, I cried, it was better than Finding Nemo.   (23.33%)
I've been stalking scalpers but still can't get tickets.   (3.33%)
The old 80s trend is back - apathy - I couldn't care less.   (43.33%)

It's Saint Tropez season again! This year I am going to:
St. Tropez, of course   (35.47%)
Palma de Mallorca   (22.22%)
Brazil   (26.92%)
Catalina   (3.41%)
Pantelleria   (11.96%)

Fur is back as shown on nearly every single runway this season...what do you think of fur?:
I'm with Stella McCartney on this one, the stuff is gross.   (39.63%)
I'm with Karolina Kurkova on this one, the stuff is pretty freakin' fabulous.   (39.63%)
I'm on my own and have no opinion on the stuff, but dang it is cold out there!   (17.51%)
I'm a slave to the trends so if it's in this season, then THIS season I'm for it!   (3.22%)

The New Years resolution is I am most likely to keep is:
I don't make New Years resolutions!   (47.45%)
to lose weight!   (18.64%)
to make more money/become more successful!   (11.86%)
find a significant other!   (13.55%)
call my family more often!   (8.47%)

Mad cow has been found in Washington; how will this affect your dining out?:
I'm a vegetarian; I've always known that meat by products contain the nervous system, where mad cow resides!   (22.42%)
Mad cow shmad wow, I'm already crazy, where's the beef?!   (21.49%)
Well, it doesn't make me happy to know that cow is making its way into my chicken feed but I'm going to keep eating the same way.   (26.16%)
I'll probably cut out red meat but keep chancing it with chicken. Broc! Broc! Moo!   (29.90%)

Mad cow has been found in Washington; how will this affect your dining out?:
I'm a vegetarian; I've always known that meat by products contain the nervous system, where mad cow resides!   (100%)
Mad cow shmad wow, I'm already crazy, where's the beef?!   (0%)
Well, it doesn't make me happy to know that cow is making its way into my chicken feed but I'm going to keep eating the same way.   (0%)
I'll probably cut out red meat but keep chancing it with chicken. Broc! Broc! Moo!   (0%)

We recently saw one of the Bachelorette castoffs, one of the Aver. Joe castoffs on Match.com. What do you think of online dating?:
I found my hip other on there so I think it's faboo.   (11.11%)
I'll buy books, CDs, maybe even get me a new job or pad but a mate? No way.   (47.22%)
Only geeks surf the web. Wait, what am I doing at this site. Ack!   (8.33%)
I'm taken so I keep hoping my hip other doesn't see my profile online!   (5.55%)
It's pretty cool because I can "date" while at work so it's my new way of meeting people.   (27.77%)

We recently saw one of the Bachelorette castoffs, one of the Aver. Joe castoffs on Match.com. What do you think of online dating?:
I found my hip other on there so I think it's faboo.   (33.33%)
I'll buy books, CDs, maybe even get me a new job or pad but a mate? No way.   (25%)
Only geeks surf the web. Wait, what am I doing at this site. Ack!   (16.66%)
I'm taken so I keep hoping my hip other doesn't seem my profile online!   (8.33%)
It's pretty cool because I can "date" while at work so it's my new way of meeting people.   (16.66%)

What do you think of the scandalous Paris Hilton video?:
I downloaded it from the Internet the second it hit!   (32.07%)
I can't believe HE's suing HER! Leave the poor girl alone. (Oops wrong adjective.)   (15.09%)
Who cares. If I wanted to watch rich people doing it, I can hang a mirror above my bed.   (24.52%)
It's disturbing to me that no one has picked up on the fact that she's barely conscious- date rape, anyone?   (28.30%)

Show, Nocturne, now Jack Rabbit Slims. Dancing girls around poles, what do you think of them?:
That $h*t is old! If I wanted stripping girls, I'd be at Scores. Or my own house.   (20.83%)
It wouldn't be so bad if those girls didn't look so much like they were RJs from a real club.   (8.33%)
Bring it on. Nothing like a little more trash in my life!   (12.5%)
Owners have forgotten the cardinal rule of nightlife. Male patrons go where the cute girl patrons go. And cute girls do not frequent sleaze.   (58.33%)

What do you think of the English trend of members-only clubs propagating in NY and Los Angeles?:
It's for the birds! We're the customers and they want us to prove that we're worthy to give them our money?!   (28.57%)
It keeps the riff raff out and it's about time.   (19.04%)
Huh? I don't even understand. Member what? Clubs?   (5.95%)
I don't mind the screening process for spots like PM and Spider but to have to screen AND pay? They can count my hip self out!   (46.42%)

Madonna has written a children's book. What do you think of it?:
The English Roses, has the woman forgotten that she used to be an American?   (36%)
She's hoping the new generation will forget she used to wear her cheap underwear on the outside of her clothes.   (28%)
She's starting children out on Kabbalah REAL early.   (10%)
Just in time for holiday shopping!   (26%)

Can The OC cut it? The best trashy TV show in the 90s was:
Central Park West   (1.70%)
Beverly Hills 90210   (39.31%)
Models Inc.   (11.96%)
The Heights   (0%)
Melrose Place   (47.00%)

What do you think of the new "reality" TV show, The Restaurant, about Rocco's in NYC?:
What show? I don't watch reality garbage.   (46.80%)
Fabulous. Show is great. Food is amazing. And I just love being on the payroll.   (3.54%)
I would have watched it but after Survivor, Bachelor, Joe Millionaire, Temptation Island, Elimidate, I've had it with reality TV   (17.02%)
It's mildly amusing. I have nothing better to do on Sundays than tube surf anyway.   (27.65%)
It's the best thing to happen to TV since the Buggles.   (4.96%)

This summer I would prefer to go to:
Capri and Lake Garda   (48.07%)
Port Antonio   (4.48%)
Cap Ferrat   (21.79%)
Moyo or Rinca Island   (3.84%)
Malta   (21.79%)

The way I feel about SARS is:
Yikes I knew there was a reason not to go to Canada.   (25.53%)
Neither rain, sleet, snow nor plagues shall keep me from vacation!   (40.42%)
I have to travel for work; sob, my CEO doesn't care if I keel over.   (8.51%)
I will be carrying a lot of bactene and traveling but not to the 18 countries where SARS is!   (25.53%)

In times of war and uncertainty, I am:
more likely to go out at night just to get a mental break.   (20.43%)
less likely to go out period to avoid crowds where I don't feel safe.   (5.37%)
more likely to go out to help the economy which is hurt by war.   (3.22%)
not changing my habits on going out for anyone.   (70.96%)

In light of celebs, such as Will Smith, cancelling on the Oscars; should the Awards be postponed? :
Yes, it's a dangerous time for high profile gatherings.   (0%)
Yes, but not just for safety. How is stuff this trivial relevant right now?   (38.46%)
No, we can't live in fear, we must go on with our everyday lives.   (53.84%)
Not sure yet. We should see where we are with Iraq.   (7.69%)
Not sure yet, we should keep cancellations secret for security reasons.   (0%)

Yes, Virginia there is another Awards show coming! The Oscar for Best Pic should go to:
The Pianist   (18.84%)
Gangs of New York   (15.94%)
The Hours   (11.59%)
Lord of The Rings: Two Towers   (15.94%)
Chicago   (37.68%)

The Grammy for Best New Artist should go to:
Michelle "nowhere near a woman yet" Branch   (8%)
"Who needs a last name" Ashanti   (32%)
Norah "no, smoking can't make you sound this good" Jones   (28%)
John "gee aren't I so sensitive" Mayer   (8%)
Avril "I am not Alannis!" Lavigne   (24%)

Evan Marriott of Fox's Joe Millionaire should make his money:
by sticking to construction work! What a meathead bozo!   (40.62%)
by continuing to model for California Muscle. The humour alone must give that catalogue record-traffic.   (28.12%)
on other TV shows. Such as Jackass.   (12.5%)
on Fox. It's fine, he won't be able to invest it wisely.   (18.75%)

The No Smoking Legislation in NYC bars:
don't affect me because I avoid NYC at all costs   (1.72%)
is ludicrous because I live above a bar and the drunk people in the streets will make me crazy   (8.62%)
seems like a good concept but I haven't read the legislation   (10.34%)
will traumatise NY nightlife as bar owners struggle to pay fines and build costly smoking rooms   (39.65%)
makes me happy because my dry cleaning bills will drop and maybe the smokers will move to New Jersey   (39.65%)

Another controversial celeb engagement! Russell Crowe is tying the knot with Danielle Spencer. Your thoughts?:
Who the hell is Danielle Spencer?!   (62.5%)
Oh please it's only cause Meg Ryan went her separate way   (0%)
Who cares! With Russell's temper, he's bound to have several wives.   (18.75%)
Danielle is his true love from way back (not just down under)   (12.5%)
Nice try. Russell will be mine yet.   (6.25%)

J Lo and Ben Affleck's marriage will last:
are you kidding; they won't make it past the engagement!   (18.68%)
I give it 6 months to a year. Just long enough to collect some good press, I mean gifts.   (65.93%)
Third time's a charm. This is true wuv. Mawwage is...   (9.89%)
Forever! It's a good disguise for their "other" relationships.   (5.49%)

The worst reality TV show is/was:
Big Brother   (26.47%)
Survivor   (5.88%)
Fear Factor   (8.82%)
American Idol   (20.58%)
they're all awful including The Not Real World   (38.23%)

Just your bucks for the bed and bread isn't enough, the hotels and restaurants want you to listen to their tunes. Weigh in on which one's the best:
Hotel Costes   (39%)
Buddha Bar   (25%)
W Hotel   (20%)
Man Ray   (13%)
Tao   (3%)

The new movie Secretary is:
a great date movie   (5.55%)
proof that weirdos come from Des Moines   (44.44%)
old news cause James Spader always plays the perv   (44.44%)
a surefire Oscar film...if the Academy lightens up and Spielberg retires   (5.55%)
genius advice for my love life   (0%)

The MTV VMA nominee that will cause me to change the channel is:
Linkin Park   (0%)
Dirty Vegas   (17.85%)
*NSYNC   (14.28%)
Britney Spears   (35.71%)
Eminem   (32.14%)

I think Kelly Osbourne is:
a talentless chubby teen riding on her Dad's name   (72%)
brilliant for using her access to launch a career for herself   (4%)
too immature to know how to handle stardom but learning as she goes.   (12%)
a rising icon coming into her own. She just happens to be Ozzy's kid.   (6%)
an evil wart on a toad's tongue for ripping off the queen, Madonna.   (6%)

Your opinion on Toby Young's book How to Lose Friends and Alienate People:
A brilliant, incisive behind the scenes rivaling the work of the late F R Leavis   (13.15%)
Toby is an embittered outsider who couldn't find any other way behind the velvet rope   (10.52%)
Lemonade out of lemons or the other way around? Bravo Toby for being a survivor!   (7.89%)
Why do I need to read a book about alienating people? I placed gold in that division!   (15.78%)
Who's Toby Young?   (52.63%)

Your thought on the ubiquitous Hilton gals:
Why are these party girls on the cover of a national magazine and where are their parents?!   (48.71%)
Congrats to them. The press they've gotten will help them launch whatever careers they choose and help them shine outside of their famous lineage.   (3.84%)
Wait, who? I have zero clue who you're talking about!   (11.53%)
They're gorgeous and terribly stylish. It's all in good fun.   (11.53%)
I'm hipper than them so this poll is moot to me.   (24.35%)

I most want to see next:
Lord of the - and we're still not at Mordor- Rings   (12.82%)
Star - the clones are camped out in front of the theater - Wars   (32.05%)
Spider -Kirsten's a babe - Man   (34.61%)
Hollywood - yes Woody is still whiney - Ending   (20.51%)

The 6 mo anniversary of Sept 11 just passed; I am:
still deeply affected. Life is not the same for me.   (9.21%)
affected but celebrating life every day with my loved ones.   (35.52%)
trying to put the past behind me by living life the way I use to.   (18.42%)
sad for others, but it didn't change my life.   (15.78%)
wondering what this poll has to do with a HipLife!   (21.05%)

Sun's out! Economy's starting to recover; where will you be spending your money?:
Nesting, baby! Real estate! Is Jonathan Leitersdorf's place on the market?   (39.02%)
Learned my lesson, my moola's under a mattress, honey.   (19.51%)
La Grande Dame and stilettos once more! Did you say that the Blahnik Mary Janes are up for auction?   (17.07%)
Nourishment. All my down and out friends need a meal with me at Keith McNally's new place.   (24.39%)

A truly 80s Walmart Christmas tree sweater from your great- aunt? Whatever will you do with those reject gifts?:
Bid now! Since I sold my last year's stack of sticky Maxim Mags on eBay, I've realised that I can sell anything on eBay!   (26.66%)
Do you think I can send those in, instead of cash to American Express? Packages are covered on the return pay postage, right?   (20%)
Who cares if people think I have taste? I'm regifting it as soon as possible!   (40%)
Ever heard of Stone Soup? How about Sweater Soup? Auntie for dinner? Revenge is the best cure for bad gifting.   (13.33%)

Tis the season to spend money you don't have! What's your gift philosophy this year?:
In this economy?! Think anyone will notice if I re-gift my party goody bags this year?   (33.33%)
Greedy pigs!! Other people need my millions more than my friends; I'm giving only to charity this holiday season.   (15.15%)
My cable show was bigger than Britney's! I'll be the one person that gifts that diamond-studded Victoria's Secret bra!   (21.21%)
Safety first! This December it will be gas masks and parachutes for my list!   (0%)
Holiday? Shopping? What are you talking about?! I just coloured my Easter eggs!   (30.30%)

With everything that is in turmoil, are you comfortable going out eating and drinking?:
Yes, I'm trying to live my life as normally as possible.   (79.16%)
Not really, but I'm trying to do my part to help the world economy.   (8.33%)
No, how can anyone party at a time like this, when we don't even have peace?   (0%)
Heck no! But after 15 dirty martinis ... what was the question again?!   (12.5%)

Life changes after Sept 11 are suddenly very hip: what do you recommend as the best life change?:
Quit your pointless job and pursue your dream of fame and fortune!   (44.18%)
Realise that your other half is really your better half and get hitched!   (9.30%)
Admit that Mum and Dad did know better all along and get closer to your family!   (20.93%)
Ditch your current meaningless relationship! There's no time to waste- become a new singleton!   (11.62%)
Change your pad- swap cities, apartments, etc.   (13.95%)

We don't think terrorism is a laughing matter. But we are compelled to ask: how will the most recent incidents affect your travel?:
Are you kidding? I'm from a war-torn country. My carry-on includes a gas mask!   (14.89%)
I'm terrified. The 7-11 mini mart around the corner is the farthest I'm traveling.   (2.12%)
I have a HipGuide lighter and aerosol hairspray- bring on the hijackers! I'm still going on my pilgrimmage to Asturias, Spain!   (59.57%)
I voted moderate also- I'm traveling but not in mass transport. Rental cars only for me.   (23.40%)

Is the world economy going to hell in a handbasket?:
Absolutely. The stock in the dancing gerbil site that I bought with my beenz and flooz is worthless!   (25.45%)
No, my inheritance is still with me, I'm hoping to marry a Hilton and jet off to Umbria, Italy.   (14.54%)
Possibly, I've noticed no one wearing the J'Adore Dior tee shirt.   (40%)
Please. Since I survived Y2K, I'm camped out at Man Ray in NY, I could care less.   (20%)

You have a stylist, a therapist, a trainer- would you ever get a personal psychic?:
Creepy! I already have one. How ever did you know.   (3.33%)
No, I'd rather wrestle a wild boar. Better odds.   (63.33%)
Only one who would predict more bucks, babes- beaus, bounty all around.   (20%)
Depends. Will she predict a club fiasco on a night that I'm out? A shootout or well, you know.   (13.33%)

I think Las Vegas is:
a blight on humanity including only the scariest bits of America   (32.14%)
a god- send to my gambling addiction, did I say addiction, I meant hobby.   (3.57%)
a town that wishes it could be as cool as New York or Paris- note the hotels named after those cities   (13.09%)
an extremely hot place that's fun to visit but I wouldn't want to live there   (32.14%)
the next frontier of hip as more and more restaurateurs and nightlife impressarios open up spots there.   (19.04%)

When it comes to finding someone as hip as me:
it is important that *the one* be as hip as me   (31.42%)
I'm hipper than the rest so I'll just settle for *not too big of a loser*   (28.57%)
ha. single is hip. I'm not planning on pairing off   (8.57%)
I think hip is a passing phase for me   (31.42%)

Another television season of Sex and the you- know- where?:
It's like a live debate about The Rules. No more!   (20%)
More SJP, chain- smoking, red pumps and gym shorts? Bring it on.   (53.33%)
It's a hair- and- makeup show. I'm a West Wing, Law and Order type.   (6.66%)
Sweetie, I don't do TV.   (20%)

We got a sneak peek at Nicole Kidman's Moulin Rouge and it got mixed reviews at Cannes. Voulez- vous spend 10 bucks on Nicole ce soir?:
Ah Ms. Kidman. I'll see anything with Nicole in it!   (24.24%)
A musical? No, thanks. I never even saw Cats.   (27.27%)
I'll see it because I loved Romeo and Juliet (the DiCaprio- Danes version)   (24.24%)
Movies? I don't go to movies.   (18.18%)
Baz who? Isn't he that Sunscreen song guy?   (6.06%)

I think AJ Benza's new book about gossip is:
my summer must- read   (6.66%)
a scandal. Gossip is awful   (0%)
a good marketing ploy   (20%)
a book I'll buy but hide in another dust- jacket   (20%)
AJ who?   (53.33%)

The one thing I would never do is:
cheat on my taxes   (8.45%)
be unfaithful   (36.61%)
steal from a shop   (53.52%)
lie to my parent(s)   (1.40%)

Field of Just One Dream: Before I die, I want to have:
climbed to the top of Mount Everest   (6.15%)
started a multi- million dollar company   (32.30%)
seen the birth of my grand- children   (33.84%)
become famous in as a rock star, actor, dancer or in other arts   (27.69%)

My drink of choice is:
champagne   (28.33%)
beer   (6.66%)
a hard liquor such as vodka, scotch or tequila   (33.33%)
wine   (23.33%)
tastes such as hard lemonade or alcoholic cider   (8.33%)

Gypped I say! Gypped at the Oscars was:
Tom Hanks for Best Actor   (0%)
Joan Allen for Best Actress   (0%)
Ang Lee for Best Director   (45.45%)
Traffic for Best Picture   (54.54%)

My pick for Best Dressed at the Oscars goes to:
Ashley Judd pulling off 1920s style   (11.76%)
Kate Hudson in pale pink Stella McCartney   (5.88%)
Julia Roberts in her geometric black & white   (47.05%)
Catherine Zeta- Jones in black- is- back   (23.52%)
Michele Yeoh in colorful beaded glory   (11.76%)

The femme with the most fatale for an Oscar is:
Julia Roberts   (66.66%)
Juliette Binoche   (6.66%)
Joan Allen   (6.66%)
Ellen Burstyn   (6.66%)
Laura Linney   (13.33%)

I'm not jumping on the bandwagon for this Spring fashion trend:
one shoulder tops   (0%)
neon   (60%)
military   (10%)
marine and navy themed togs   (0%)
golf- chic preppy   (30%)

My bet on the stud who will win an Oscar goes to:
Russell Crowe   (55.55%)
Tom Hanks. again   (22.22%)
Ed Harris   (11.11%)
Geoffrey Rush   (0%)
Javier Bardem   (11.11%)

At the Grammys, the most naked and should- not- have- been was:
Sheryl by- the- inch Crow   (16.66%)
Christina tennis- ball Aguilera   (16.66%)
Toni toilet- paper Braxton   (50%)
Traci ta- tas Bingham   (0%)
Shelby gravity- is- your- friend Lynne   (16.66%)

An ideal hip evening includes:
Tapas & Tequila   (50%)
Karaoke & Krispy Kremes   (7.14%)
Margaritas & a Movie   (7.14%)
Ab-Fab & Absinthe   (7.14%)
Red Bull & a Rave   (28.57%)

The reigning king & queen of hip is:
Puffy & J-Lo   (21.42%)
Chris Evans & Billie Piper   (7.14%)
Guy Ritchie & Madonna   (46.42%)
Gavin Rossdale & Gwen Stefani   (10.71%)
David Letterman & Richard Simmons   (14.28%)

The hippest getaway would include:
skiing in Kitsbuhl   (23.80%)
a full body massage   (19.04%)
Drinking on Bourbon Street   (9.52%)
Turning off the 2-way   (14.28%)
snorkling in Phi Phi Le   (33.33%)

My worst fear is:
someone will discover that I was not hip in high school   (14.81%)
my platinum card getting rejected on a big date   (11.11%)
the first supermodel (male or female) I get into bed will laugh at my body   (7.40%)
I will die without ever being remembered by the uber-cool   (22.22%)
I will be a career flop and end up in an unchic minimum wage job   (44.44%)

What I do with my unhip friends::
Foist my hand-me down clothes as gifts in the hope that they'll dress better   (4%)
Take them to faraway spots like Istanbul and try and lose them   (12%)
Give them gift certificates for classes so they'll stop trying to pass off convulsing as dancing   (8%)
Eat with them only in completely obscure restaurants where not even my mailman will find me   (60%)
Pair them off with each other hoping they'll marry and move to the boondocks far from me   (16%)

The most inappropriate public display of affection is::
ugly people sucking face in hip restaurants   (20.51%)
fat people groping each other's body parts on park benches   (23.07%)
slutty people humping each other in a bar   (20.51%)
human walls of couples in tacky matching outfits knocking you off the sidewalk   (35.89%)

The worst deadly sin is::
greed   (35.89%)
sloth   (20.51%)
lust   (7.69%)
envy   (20.51%)
rage   (15.38%)

With the holiday gifts I didn't like, I am going to::
save them to throw out my apartment window at honking cars   (7.69%)
regift them to my unsuspecting favourite enemies   (76.92%)
use Krazy Glue to meld them together for a 2001 lawn sculpture   (7.69%)
mail them to Madonna and Guy Ritchie as wedding gifts   (7.69%)
weld them to the ceiling of my closet   (0%)

My restaurant pet peeve is::
smokers at the next table when I'm eating   (13.79%)
having my chair kicked by the passing waiters   (24.13%)
sitting near the kitchen door   (20.68%)
bad food   (31.03%)
that sneaky 20 percent service charge   (10.34%)

My New Year's Resolution is to::
get more celeb booty   (14.28%)
fix up my house- car- electrical appliances with nothing but WD-40, some gum and twist ties   (9.52%)
overthrow Britney Spears as the queen-king of pop   (23.80%)
find someone as hip as me so I can pair off and have hiplets   (28.57%)
shackle myself to the gym until I'm uber-buff   (23.80%)

On a date, I expect::
to be flown off to Goldeneye   (29.41%)
the woman to pay   (5.88%)
date? I just hope my cute neighbour comes home drunk and takes pity on me   (14.70%)
to use a whole twelve pack of Trojans   (29.41%)
not to be tossed out of a restaurant on my butt   (20.58%)

The best accessory for a HipGuide life is::
a dog or other small pet   (5.71%)
a Platinum card   (37.14%)
a trophy date   (5.71%)
a Gulfstream   (17.14%)
a ready opinion   (34.28%)

The most important thing to me at this point in my life is::
money   (45%)
fame   (2.5%)
love   (37.5%)
sex   (10%)
food   (5%)

On New Year's 2000, I plan to::
celebrate the real millenium in true black tie in a splashy place like Rio or Hong Kong   (0%)
stay at home with my other half and a good glass of bubbly   (22.22%)
fork over a hundred bucks plus for one of those massive club parties and try not to end up arrested   (22.22%)
avoid the fuss and papparazzi by going skiing- camping- rafting- hiking   (0%)
play host by having a little party with my closest friends   (55.55%)

To me, the holidays mean::
upgrading to an electric scooter so I can run over tourists while shopping   (33.33%)
attempting to give away my worthless tech stocks as gifts   (11.11%)
replacing the company cafeteria coffee with liquored eggnog   (11.11%)
family, friends, stuffed hens, decorating the house, Prozac   (33.33%)
it's the Fourth of July already?   (11.11%)

If Charlie had four, not three, but 4! angels, the fourth would be::
Denise Richards   (20%)
Posh Spice - one-time rumoured contender to be in the flick   (1.42%)
Halle Berry   (20%)
Jennifer Lopez   (35.71%)
Catherine Zeta-Jones   (22.85%)

The one 80s trend that just shouldn't make a comeback is::
David Onica's art   (0%)
Donald Trump   (29.54%)
Survivor and Eye of the Tiger   (20.45%)
Binaca   (2.27%)
fluorescent lace anklet socks   (47.72%)

If I could sit down with one stylish newsmaker, it would be::
menswear designer John Varvatos   (6%)
actress Lucy Liu   (62%)
CNN Moscow Bureau Chief Jill Dougherty   (10%)
chic-in-scrubs scientist David Ho   (10%)
Napster honcho Hank Barry   (12%)

I just cashed in my stock options! I'm off to::
eluxury.com   (14.81%)
Goa   (37.03%)
the unemployment office   (11.11%)
pay my school loans   (7.40%)
drive past my high school in my new Porsche   (29.62%)

My favourite way of dealing with doormen at clubs is::
Dealing? Darling, I'm always ushered in.   (44.82%)
Pimping off my pretty female companions to them   (10.34%)
Cause a distraction and then sneak behind them   (6.89%)
Clubs? Isn't that a suite in a deck of cards?   (17.24%)
Hi! I'm from MTV!   (20.68%)

My opinion about the U.S. elections is::
Al Gore should concede; Dubya is the dude   (26.26%)
George W.Bush fixed the election   (11.11%)
Al's the man for us   (33.33%)
You Americans are nuts   (22.22%)
There is an election going on in the U.S.?   (7.07%)

The latest album I'm into is::
Limp Bizkit's latest   (11.47%)
The new Jay-Z   (8.19%)
The Charlies Angels Soundtrack   (11.47%)
Lenny Kravitz Greatest Hits   (16.39%)
none of the above, you people have no taste   (52.45%)

My favourite way of dealing with doormen at clubs is::
Mucho dinero via the handshake is the way   (0%)
Pimping off my pretty female companions to them   (66.66%)
Cause a distraction and then sneak behind them   (0%)
Clubs? Isn't that a suite in a deck of cards?   (0%)
Hi! I'm from MTV!   (33.33%)

If I could add only one, my new computer would need to have:
CD writable drive   (44.89%)
on site tech support from Cindy Margolis   (20.40%)
Free Internet   (22.44%)
mucho USB ports   (8.16%)
direct links to Star Trek space stations   (4.08%)

My opinion about the U.S. elections is::
Al Gore should concede; Dubba is the dude   (0%)
George W.Bush fixed the election   (0%)
Al's the man for us   (100%)
You Americans are nuts   (0%)
There is an election going on in the U.S.?   (0%)

I wish that my mobile phone:
had video & took photos   (14.28%)
had a Palm- type organizer   (28.57%)
sent e-mails   (13.09%)
was also a stun gun   (44.04%)

If I were losing my hair, I would:
shave my head   (68.30%)
wear a hat   (10.56%)
get plugs   (6.33%)
wear a wig   (14.78%)

Architecture has been revolutionized by:
Frank Gehry   (34.78%)
Charles Gwathmey   (13.04%)
I.M. Pei   (43.47%)
Rem Koolhaas   (8.69%)

A hip gentleman wears:
Triple 5 Soul   (13.88%)
Giorgio Armani   (33.33%)
Savile Row   (11.11%)
Levi's   (41.66%)

Madonna is:
a really talented performer   (11.42%)
an opportunistic fashion plate   (12.38%)
a smart business woman   (66.66%)
a tacky, un-talented fluke   (9.52%)

Music to My Ears:
Kruder & Dorfmeister   (38.35%)
KC & the Sunshine Band   (15.06%)
Billie Holiday   (31.50%)
Dre & Eminem   (15.06%)

Sexy Is:
A Tracey Feith slip dress   (32.85%)
Distressed jeans and a wife beater   (21.42%)
Black Gucci leather, head to toe   (14.28%)
A Chloe chain mail halter top   (31.42%)

My Ideal Night Would Include:
Sharing the steak frites at BON in Paris   (9.43%)
Having a smoke on the outdoor patio of Sunset Room in LA with Sarah Jessica Parker   (18.86%)
Canoodeling downstairs at Lotus in NY   (28.30%)
Getting my groove on at Fabric in London   (43.39%)

The Hippest Form of Transportation Is:
SUV with driver   (19.67%)
Bentley with Turbo   (26.22%)
Classic muscle car   (18.03%)
Ducati   (36.06%)

What Tops Your List for Air Travel?
Personal satellite TV   (12.90%)
Sexy flight attendants   (35.48%)
Plentiful libations   (3.22%)
No screaming children   (35.48%)
High Speed Internet Access   (12.90%)

Forget about the traditional choices! You say the Food of the Gods is:
Edamame and blue/butter Lobster with extra wasabi   (25%)
Country Fair Funnel cake with just too much powdered sugar   (25%)
Wellfleets, Kumamotos, Prince Edward Islands   (8.33%)
Avgolemono   (4.16%)
Osso Bucco Gremolata   (16.66%)
Scotch bonnet Jerk Swordfish   (4.16%)
Nutella creme brulee   (16.66%)

Hearing about Hip from the experts would mean:
hot spots from sports celebs   (9.52%)
how to get behind those pesky ropes from divas of nightlife   (33.33%)
getting behind the bar of the chicest spot in town with "the" bartender du jour   (19.04%)
a customised you-choose-the-City of the Moment guide from HG staffers   (38.09%)

If I could only have one, HipGuide would offer:
last minute dispatches on exclusive parties   (50%)
discounts on HipGuide spots   (12.5%)
password-protected portions of the Guide for the Über Hip   (15%)
an ultimate guide on How To Be So Hip It Burns   (22.5%)

The next Of The Moment should be:
ah, spas, spas, spas   (23.07%)
space travel   (23.07%)
technorama (gadgets galore)   (30.76%)
global adventure   (23.07%)

Go Before The Locals Notice:
Cracow   (18.07%)
Dakar   (18.07%)
Berlin   (14.45%)
Goa   (19.27%)
Travel? What's that?   (30.12%)

Where do you follow HipGuide:
Instagram   (19.84%)
Twitter   (19.84%)
TikTok   (21.37%)
LinkedIn   (38.93%)
I'm not on social media   (0%)

What socials do you follow HipGuide on?:
Instagram   (0%)
TikTok   (0%)
Twitter   (7.69%)
LinkedIn   (92.30%)


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